Launched in 2005 when working with the US Department of Defense and the Army Corp of Engineers, our Vision to Action program, now called Art for Community Transformation (ACT), helps take community vision for urban revitalization and turn it into action.

Typically contracted by local government, non-profit, community group, consortium/partnership or individuals for urban revitalization projects, we provide our services throughout New York City and around the country.

We work with concerned citizens through workshops and focus groups to understand their needs and wants for derelict space and community revitalization. Those needs are then converted into drawings and renderings, which can be approved by the local community. Once approved, those drawings and renderings then become the foundation for delivery of the communities vision, and is the first step to driving community-led development efforts.

In short, we turn vision into action and empower community-led development through the arts.

PROGRAM benefits

  • Solidified documentation for communities expectations for revitalization
  • Working documentation that can be used to build community support and secure funding for project initiation

If you have a community revitalization project and need some help pulling together your vision, please contact us.